In the times of cashierless stores, one missing link still exists for the truly unmanned store – someone has to stock the shelves with products and keep them presentable.

We are here to help. For smaller format stores, kiosks with automated access control, we offer a full suite of services to take care of all operations. With our crowd help, you can run your cashierless store by simply owning it.

Our workers will take care of:

  • Shelves stocking.
  • Acepting product shipments.
  • Bringing product shipments from post machines.
  • Bringing product parcels from producers to the store.
  • Changing price labels.
  • Changing planograms.
  • Products expiry dates checking.
  • Full store auditing with photo proof.
  • Cleaning the shelves and floor.
  • Other predifined tasks.

Operate your unmaneed stores by not operating them. Let us take care of everything.

How does it work?

1. Hook us on shipping times

We need to know when and how many products arrive. If you plan your shipments to the store centrally we can simply use that data. Or if you have a central warehouse or a back room inside the store with all the products, it is possible to skip this part and arrange replenishment based on sales and max shelves capacity data.


After knowing the amount of work needed to do in terms of product stocking all other tasks will be scheduled on a repeated basis taking into account your store size, location and visitor count.

If you want to get into the trully unmanned retail business, own and operate your stores from your bed drop us a line.