Tasku gig workers do the manual jobs better & more efficiently, while your regular staff can concentrate on your customers.

Complete technology + flexible human resource solution for different types of manual tasks – truck unloading, shelf stocking, inventory control, goods sorting, changing price labels & planograms.


A micro contract made with gig workers aligns the incentives correctly. People work faster, to get pre-agreed payments quicker.

2. No fixed costs.

Eliminate your fixed costs, and hire only who you need & when you need.

3. Payment only per task performed.

No more hourly payments for unmeasurable work. Tasks are designed so that you’d get what you pay for.

4. Flexibility in days, times, seasons, etc.

Total flexibility for you. You are in control of how many extra hands you need today, tomorrow, or Christmas.


Already advanced with task management & supply chain tools? Great, we can integrate, to smoothly fit right in.

Our workers currently can do:

Full accountability. All tasks are confirmed by the photo and checked by AI & a human in the loop.

  • Shelves stocking.
  • Changing price labels.
  • Changing planograms.
  • Printed press stand supervision.
  • Products expiry dates checking.
  • Full store auditing with photo proof.
  • On-demand audits of needed sections.
  • BOPIS orders picking & preparation.

How does it work?


We help you to design a task based on your internal operational needs and procedures. If needed specific training material is created to come together with the tasks description.

2. set place, time and reward

On the platform, you or your store managers set the place, estimated time for completion, in some cases, repeatability settings, a reward and you are good to go.

3. task goes live on the platform

Based on the parameters set in step 2 the task is now live and ready to be taken by one of the crowd workers. When someone claims the task you will be notified.

4. Completion confirmation

When the task is completed store manager will get a notification to confirm it. Before this happens our AI + human in the loop already knows was it the right task, at the right location, was it performed well and initial confirmation is already done. After the final confirmation, we’ll proceed to reward the crowd worker.

You can start in no time. Actually, we’ll give you 500 EUR worth of tasks for free to test the system & get help in the store.