Our platform powers smarter, more productive and accountable shelf execution for product brands.

Advanced in-store merchandising solution with a 100% variable pay-for-performance model focused on more efficient and excellence-driven execution.

Tasku crowd will take the product from the warehouse or storage, clean and stock shelves, update prices and report out-of-stock products. We can arrange quick parcel deliveries directly to the shelf with a photo proof, for you to be able to react to the situation right away.

1. Pay for performance

Pay only for well-done tasks, which are reviewed through 3 different filters.

2. Real-time data

Receive insights on price, shelf space, out-of-stock and expired products through a real-time dashboard. All in one place, easy to use.

3. Flexibility

The number of stores, frequency of visits, and SKUs can be all set to your needs and variate on a monthly, weekly basis or even daily basis. You have full control.

Implement a flexible in-store execution strategy to gain granular and reliable visibility of your shelf level operations.

How does it work?

1. TASK design

We help you to design a task based on your needs. It can be one time task in one store or repeatable tasks across the region in a number of stores.


If needed specific training material is created to come together with the tasks description. We know that specific brands in specific stores have different requirements. No problem.

3. quality CHECK

Our AI algorithm + human in the loop already know was the right task, at the right location was performed, and the initial evaluation is already done. The human in the loop confirms or rejects it.

4. Real time data for you

You and your team can know in real-time the status of all your products and shelves taken care of by Tasku. Match this data with your marketing activities and stay on top of the game.

Get helped in the store now. We’ll give you 500 EUR worth of tasks for free to test the system.