Tasku provides important extra income opportunities for the community, while all together we are building the future of retail operations.

Tasku is at the technology and retail industries’ intersection. Our longtime experience in the industry taught us that only the right innovation has the potential to make a positive impact. Thus we aim to make our solutions as seamless as possible to be able to add only benefits to every worker who uses our apps and to every retail store manager who has lots on her plate, day in, day out.

Tasku story so far

Everything started when in 2021 we were analyzing huge people operations data set from one of our clients’ grocery stores. By looking into the daily operations of a large store we started to calculate how people capital intensive the industry is and that in Europe alone several tens of millions of people work in the stores just to put the products on the shelves. These millions of Europeans need to travel to their workplace, spend hours in traffic to arrive at the store and after the workday a journey home awaits.

Having this in mind we connected the dots, that there are locals, living next to their neighbourhood store where they can easily walk from their apartment building to the store at the needed time and help the store manager to achieve her goals by completing one or two needed tasks. After a pre-agreed task is done, the person can simply go back home and chill with extra euros in her bank account. Current mobile and computer vision technologies allow for smooth transaction coordination with minimal human intervention.

Two months after the original idea the Tasku platform was born and from day one we aim to facilitate beneficial cooperation of the locals with the grocery stores in the European neighbourhoods. Store managers get extra hands at the most needed times and the locals get meaningful extra income opportunities next to their homes for completing short but important tasks.

Tasku currently is live in the selected cities in Sweden and Lithuania.

Contact us if you would like to have a chat with us: hello at tasku.app

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